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My Traveling Sketchbook: Transformative Moments

Visiting the Cinque Terre, five cities nestled on the coast of Italy, was an incredibly influential experience as both a traveler and an artist. The textured, rocky landscape and crystal clear Mediterranean Sea- bolding pressing the saturated views of houses built into the mountains.. all work to create jaw-dropping views for any visitor. These cities pull at your heart strings and beg you to stay, just a little longer...

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My Traveling Sketchbook: Colors of the Cinque Terre

The world surrounding an artist will always work it's way into their process. Whether it's an experience, the color of a flower, your relationship with a friend, or a texture found in your apartment- all that's around you generates new creative flow. At times, I'll see something, eager to wrap my head around it, and immediately bring it back to the studio. But of course, not all of our inspirations are conscious decisions. Not all situations are alike. When you travel as an artist, do you find it to be more difficult... or rather easy to pull inspiration from all that surrounds you?

Spending several days exploring The Cinque Terre left me swooning over the brightly colored houses, steep terrace vineyards, and intricate hiking trails. 

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