My Traveling Sketchbook: Home of the Renaissance

Each time I step foot in Florence, Italy, I'm instantly seduced by the immense amount of history, culture, and world renowned art works. Many of the world's most famous, inspirational works reside here in Florence- and are just as breathtaking in real life as any textbook photo. As the birthplace of the Renaissance, around every corner is another masterpiece worthy of 'ahhhhs' and 'oooohs'. Observing works by the masters- Michelangelo, Masaccio, Brunelleschi, Ghiberti, and Raphael- just to name a few- is life changing and is something that should not be missed. 

There is nothing ordinary, colorless or dull about Florence. With enough art to visit for a lifetime- each time I go back, I am blessed with experiencing something new and exciting. When heading to Florence, keep your sketchbook ready, your eyes open, and your walking shoes handy--you'll have plenty of ground to cover. 

To discuss each and every artwork found in Florence- I would be writing a textbook rather than a blog post. However, here, in the heart of the city, lies one the most extraordinary works of art; one that I am totally awe-struck by and in shock of it's beauty, each and every time I am graced by it's presence. Santa Maria del Fiore





Decades later, Brunelleschi's Dome is still a mystery to the art world. Captivating, brilliant, majestic. This Cathedral is easily one of my most prized sights, so large and aw-inspiring that leaves you speechless. Breathless. The world is blessed to share such beauty. 

With enough intricate detail to observe for days on end..

My "must see" list of artworks: 

1. Santa Maria del Fiore + Duomo

2. The Floretine Pieta // “The Deposition” Museo dell’Opera del Duomo // Michelangelo 

3. David // The Galleria dell'Accademia // Michelangelo

4. The Slaves //  “"The Awakening Slave”,“The Young Slave”,“The Bearded Slave, The Atlas" // The Galleria dell'Accademia // Michelangelo

5. Gates of Paradise // Piazza del Duomo // Lorenzo Ghiberti 

6. Medici Hall of Maps // Palazzo Vecchio

7. La Primavera // Uffizi Gallery // Botticelli 

8. Birth of Venus // Uffizi Gallery // Botticelli 

9. Annunciation // Piazza SS Annunziata // Fra Angelico



"David" never...ever, disappoints. 


Our AirBnB only added to the beauty of Florence, and I would recommend anyone to stay in Michele's care. With an incredible host, wonderful character, and a serene location...we definitely will be staying again..


More Soon. xo S