'Undercurrents' Thoughts- Gathering ocean movement and inspiration

As my release approaches for my latest series, 'Undercurrents', I wanted to share some captures which turned to inspiration. As long as I have been painting, many of my creations are reactions to the world around me. I have always absorbed the natural world in amazement, in awe of it's endless beauty, even in the most unexpected places. 

Even as a young girl, the ocean has always been my sanctuary. Soothing, alluring, tranquil.  

After spending a month abroad near the emerald waters, followed by moving to the coast, my latest creative thoughts began to change. Each time I picked up a brush, I found myself eager to translate the ocean's great movement. Many of these photographs are taken off the coast of Italy- representing the vastness, power, and motion of water. 


Floating between the waves, my body weightless, I feel sheltered- invulnerable. There are not always places or times in this chaotic life where we are able to appear present and grounded. But here, in the water, I am forceful and sound.

un·der·cur·rent- (noun)

1. an underlying feeling or influence, especially one that is contrary to the prevailing atmosphere and is not expressed openly.

un·der·cur·rent- (noun)

2. a current of water below the surface, moving in a different direction from any surface current.

" For whatever we lose, ( like a you or a me ), it's always  o u r s e l v e s  we find in the sea... " e.e cummings