Photography Collaboration: Hed Hi Media & Marybeth Thomas

Collaboration is key. 

"I had the pleasure of meeting Sam at a recent collaboration. Working with her led me to her Instagram, where I discovered her inspiring art. I'm constantly trying to push my creative boundaries, so when the opportunity arrived where I had some open time in a studio I knew exactly who I wanted to work with.  Sam and I met to nail down the concept of the shoot. After that, we were able to secure the best models that we could ever dream of through the Overlap App. I thought it would be difficult to find nude figure models in Charleston, but I was so inspired when we found the models that we did - with less than 24 hours notice for 3 of the 4 models! This project has been my favorite project to date, and I look forward to doing more collaborations in the future!"
-Mary Beth Thomas  

A few weeks ago, I began conversation with photographer and friend, Mary Beth Thomas, in regards to a care-free lifestyle photography shoot. Marybeth and I had met several months back on a previous set and clicked instantly. 

In the process of planning, she mentioned that she had a great rental photography studio option downtown that we could use to capture inspiration for my latest figurative series. Immediately and enthusiastically, I agreed. 

Prior to the shoot, we had a meeting to bring these visions to life. Mary Beth captured them flawlessly. 

My latest collection of work symbolizes the strength of the female human form. In my head, I was hoping to use models of all physical stature, in hopes of breaking so called "beauty" barriers and boundaries. The women who donated their time and vulnerably posed in order for this collaboration to take place, all hold a very special place in my heart. Each of them extraordinary, brilliant, beautiful. I cannot begin to explain what a humbling experience this shoot was for both artistic and personal truths. Collaboration will always open doors, teach valuable lessons, and even establish new friendship.