Collaboration Project: Working with Smart&Sexy Lingerie

How can fine art and lingerie coincide?

my latest collaboration with a woman-owned fashion brand that empowers diversity and body positivity. For every Smart&Sexy garment sold, they make a donation to an organization that empowers and supports women.


“….I chose to work with Smart&Sexy because they are working to change the narrative in what is displayed as “sexy” in our culture— everyone is included and represented. That’s powerful. To formulate a body positive environment and be a voice for change is something I hope to continue working towards as a visual artist. TO celebrate all qualities of the body, femininity, and each women’s unique voice. Being able to create pieces from reference photos that are diverse, powerful and authentic is inspiring. I hope other Women can look at these pieces and see a piece of themselves; as well as acknowledge just how badass they truly are.”

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their editors sent beautiful images from the latest collection of bodywear; and it was nearly impossible to choose. Women of all sizes and shape are represented here. The photos embody diverse color tones, real-body curves- unedited- and radiate beauty. I think whats most captivating about these women, however, is their comfort in their own skin. I wanted to be sure I captured these women just as powerfully within my work.


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