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Thoughts + Inspirations behind my latest works

things truly do have the potential to come full circle. after working for several weeks on large figurative pieces for a show; inspiration came to me, out of what seemed like, "nowhere." I was getting out of the shower + drying my hair with the towel and pondered the thought of capturing an intimate moment such as this one. can I take this space and convert it to something on canvas? obviously knowing this was something already done, and done well-- I began fumbling through my favorite giant texts of impressionistic and renaissance painters. 

i've mentioned many times before that I found my love for representing the figure while studying in college. more specifically, my interest developed by viewing so many variations of "Bathers" through out art history; all while abroad in my artist residency. It became the subject of focus for my credit, way back in 2011.

when learning art history; starting with early Titian to Cezanne, the obsession and depiction of nude bathers can be seen through the centuries. I think what interested me most was the many meanings of each painting--- yes, some signifying cleanliness-- but others also represent fertility, death, healing or even birth. In certain timeframes, it was the newest way to showcase the natural beauty of the female form. Others even sexualized the scenes. By the early 1900's, the bather became yet again one of the most common motifs in modern contemporary art. (i'll stop rambling here because i'm a serious art history nerd-but look some up!)



And just below, are some current sketches completed for new projects. taking what i've seen and learned through the years-- adding my own voice. I love the thought of manipulating something classical and traditional; formulating my own representation. I've also included some sketches from my residency years ago; because I think it's interesting to be able to visualize growth/change in one's vision.


i'm currently working on a large Bathers Collection, taking my time and enjoying the process. I'll be sharing more updates here, on my social media, and through my newsletter. So make sure you're signed up there! :]

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