Journal Entry / Translating From Life

Even as a little girl, I was always obsessed with documenting life through a camera. It always fascinated me that I could capture a piece of time-cherish it's little details as it was in that exact moment. Memories that often blur can be replicated into a visual and aid in the emotions, thoughts and feelings of that exact place. I've carried this little habit of mine throughout my life, and it's become one of the most vital parts of my creative practice. 

In terms of my work, color and texture are often reciprocated from life. If I'm not willing to soak in new environments and take notice to their little details-- my inspiration is often lacking. I have nowhere to pull from. The urge to document usually happens for a reason, and later on when I'm in need of a source, I flip through thousands of photographs-- some more abstract than others-- and find whatever it is I'm looking for. 

The first time I started my mood board for this collection, I found myself saving photos with bright magentas, yellows, purples, greens and reds. Heavily saturated colors clashing yet working as one. 


After completing the first few pieces, I found the urge to paint in my usual blue palette. I wanted to push myself, so I started paying more attention to palettes containing blue, but not all about blue.