How to Style Art in your Home ft. Celadon

At times, it can be difficult for collectors to picture where a new piece of art may be properly incorporated into their home. Without the help of designers and look books, envisioning artwork on display in your own intimate space can be intimidating. That's why I was so excited to share this little shoot with Celadon Home, where my work is styled alongside these beautiful pieces. 

Wandering through their warehouse, it was difficult to choose just what pieces to use-- it's filled with so many incredible and intricate benches, dressers, stools, baskets, chairs and more. To fit my contemporary style, this dresser topped with a sleek, round mirror plays off of the gold used in my paintings, alongside this beautiful metal chair. (that is also surprisingly very comfortable!)

Though my work does often fit a very modern, minimal chic interior, I also hoped to demonstrate the possibility of a more bohemian styled-look. This beautifully patterned bench is accompanied by a geometric pattern of white and blue, following its white wooden trim. The large accent painting matched with this couch has underlying tones of white, tan, peach, grey and blue, and works nicely with the texture of this piece as well. Proof that you don't have to pair black and white paintings with only clean, modern lines! 


All of these furniture pieces are currently available at Celadon's Warehouse, and will be discounted further on sale THIS SUNDAY, December 17th, during their Celadon Flea + Farmer's Market! With over 60+ local artisans and makers, this event should not be missed. 

Sunday December 17th, 10am-2pm

Celadon's Warehouse 2221 Noisette Blvd

See you there! xx

Interested in these original pieces of art?! Come see me on Sunday at Celadon Flea to see details in person + purchase one for your own home. Unable to make it on Sunday? Click the contact button below for inquires

Photos by Celadon Home



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