What's New In The Studio: Instagram Pop-Up Shop

Three Coastal Seascapes, Now Available for Purchase 

Compliments of "Contemporary Artists Coterie" 

Since diving into the concepts of water movement and texture, "Undercurrents" has taken a prevailing force in my life. It has been a beautiful challenge to capture and portray the vast movement the sea has to offer. For this special Pop Up Show, I decided to push my limits further; by confining myself to working small and limiting my supplies to only palette knives. 

Painting on a small space has always been difficult for me as an artist. Large areas feel inviting, less intimidating, and forgiving. I enjoy being loud with my markings; splattering, pouring, and manipulating the paint over an entire surface area. With a smaller area, I begin to question everything. It feels much more delicate. 


In my last blog post, the term "comfort zone" was referenced consistently. Since coming home from my creative retreat, I have made it a serious goal to continue placing myself in scenarios that may bring discomfort for a short while; all in order to benefit my personal growth. This doesn't mean selling all I own to travel the world. Some drastic, life-changing moment where I have an "AH-HA" feeling and never look back.

Little steps. And working small for this Pop Up Shop seemed fitting in the right direction. 


Before I could even begin focusing on composition, color began flooding into my process. Working through several palettes in sketches, I found the fit that portrayed the feeling I was aiming for: tranquility.  

Creating these movements of water was both thrilling and humbling. I was hopeful to create three pieces that could work harmoniously together, while still being strong as separate components. The flow of the first two pieces felt natural. My mind knew exactly where it was headed and thoughts translated to canvas smoothly. The third, however, is a part of the process that we all experience-- just maybe not always the most honest part of the creative process. 

The third and final piece, I went back to for several weeks on end. It was gessoed over twice, and at one point- tossed aside and re-stretched onto a completely new canvas. But at the end of it all, I stood back, proud of what I had pushed through. 


Moments of doubt, frustration, questioning of worthiness. All for this brilliant little piece of work. I often become so attached to these pieces after all of the emotional input that is needed to complete them-- I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did, creating them.