"Grace" 11x14" Colorful Bather Figure Painting on Paper

"Grace" 11x14" Colorful Bather Figure Painting on Paper



11x14” Original mixed media painting. Watercolor, acrylic, and pastel on heavy weight paper.

Years ago, when completing an artist residency in London, my chosen focus became the female form. Through weeks of museum wandering, research, and live sketching— I became fascinated with the concept which floated across several era’s of art; women captured while bathing. Several years later, I’ve decided to re-visit my passion for the traditional bather and explore the idea in my own artistic voice.

There is something so captivating and vulnerable about portraying these women in such intimate settings. Each of these pieces has a metallic shape in the background; glimmering when the light is just right. Pastels are added as a final layer to add a diverse texture and bring awareness to the form and bathing towel.

Ships in 5-7 business days from my home studio in Charleston, SC

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