'Things They Carry"

collaboration and installation by artists Sam Rueter and Bri Wenke

The Grand Bohemian Gallery, Spoleto Festival 2018



"We all have stories. Layers-- that have been slathered on us since birth. Circumstances that are written for us without our permission. Our experiences mold our identity, some more prominent than others. At times this is horrifying. Others, liberating.

This physical presence is an extension of our personal growth, or even lack of. Compassion or neglect, confidence or doubt, abuse or love-- all of it. A physical manifestation of our occurrences; we stash it away in our bodies and carry on. 

These human art forms represent a shift in the story. Ceasing to blame ourselves for the weight we never asked to carry. Recognizing it in one another and standing together in solidarity, to heal. 






The layers of paint create a visual representation of our experiences. 

As time passes, more and more is given to us. There are some things you work through. There are others you simply learn to carry.

In the end, we all belong to each other. We are all interconnected by this simple thought; life molds us all.

florals by  petaloso

florals by petaloso


A visual representation of the human experience





Imagine the world without judgment. Without preconceived notions of who we believe the other to be. How would the world look if we were able to take better care of one another? If we all saw each other for who we really are— undefined by our imperfections— and truly accepted. 

photography by  Stephanie Dasher

photography by Stephanie Dasher


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