Pink Lady Commission

Commissioned works are truly some of my favorite projects to work on, because they are often a more personal experience. To work closely with a client, get to know them, and create a custom piece that they envision for their space is truly such a blessing. I had the pleasure of creating this vibrant and energetic figurative piece for a lovely couple living here in Charleston. To see process photos and the final installment, keep scrolling below x

This form of work stems from my collection of works on paper, where I often use blocks of color and bold line to create the implied form. Taking this to a much larger scale was so much fun! I began with light washes of color, gradually bringing in more of a vibrant magenta. The piece has many layers of texture; including hints of pink, purple and teal pastel. Below is a progress shot about halfway through!


The final piece was 42x42" and looks perfect in it's new downtown home, right on their bedroom mantle. Thank you so much Emma for allowing me to create this custom piece for you!


The final installation x


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