A Community Of Women

International Women’s Day

When I sat down to write this post, I was completely taken back by how overwhelmed I felt— knowing I get to witness this many incredible women making their mark, setting an example, and achieving things others may have deemed impossible. Each one of them is incredibly unique— choosing each day to share their talents and inner most selves by pushing fear aside and saying, “Nah, I can do that, and I will” Regardless of what others may believe. They share, they give, they radiate. These are women I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with; some in every day life, others through a more virtual experience. No matter the relation, they inspire myself and others— to dream big, take chances, and push everyone around them to become an all-around better human being. They are some of the most giving, dedicated, ambitious, and powerful people— and I’m forever grateful that I’ve been able to bask in your light at one point or another.

We are often so focused on how far we have to go, where we are going, how we'll get there— sometimes we overlook what we’ve accomplished, the people we’ve inspired, and the lives we’ve transformed. I’m here to send a little love your way today, ladies; and remind you just how fortunate the world is to have you here in it.

xxxx S

To read more about each woman’s journey, please click their photo below

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