Collaboration Project: Lindsey O Photography

To avoid creative burnout, I will always value the importance of working in new mediums, collaborating with others, and the development of personal projects. I am extremely fortunate to be surrounded by many inspiring makers here in Charleston; one of them being my good friend and talented photographer, Lindsey O’Sullivan.

Lindsey and I met shortly after my relocation to Charleston, working on several modeling projects together, while also forming a friendship. I’ve been inspired by Linds from the every start, because she excels in multiple areas and is always pushing her creative boundaries. When she brought up the initial concept for this collaboration— I was excited to step outside of my comfort zone and take my paint palette off canvas.

Lindsey created a display cake for a styled wedding shoot, (she’s a genius, right?!) and I would be adding the colorful layers of paint to represent the final, sculptural piece. We were both interested to see if I was capable of transferring the expressive brushstrokes from my work onto such an irregular object. Working 3-dimensionally is always exciting; forming a composition that can be viewed from all angles. Weddings are often intimate, sacred events that stem from a place of deep love, growth and commitment— and I find all of these same values within my personal creative practice.


I began with loose, water-heavy layers of blue— as most of my figurative pieces. It was interesting to work on a medium that was unable to absorb most of the paint. I eventually layered heavier strokes of turquoise, black, white, colbolt blue, purple, and gold; totaling around 15 layers of paint.

6975C722-8466-41CC-B65F-86C42244CBB2 2.JPG
C469CD5C-AB26-47E4-BD1C-701BD5C1DFED 2.JPG

For the shoot, Lindsey styled the gowns, florals and topped my cake creation with beautiful succulent details. Brittany of Wild Ivory Beauty did an incredible job styling my hair and makeup as well! Wild Ivory has been featured in numerous editorials and is such a genuine soul! See more of Brittany’s work here.

Below are final images of the project, courtesy of Lindsey O Photography! Excited to share these with you all x

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