New In The Studio: Abstract Collection

I was fortunate enough to have the talented Lindsey of Lindsey O Photography, join me in the studio for the start of this small abstract collection. She captured the start of my process, from sketchbook references to color swatches; pouring paint and water to scraping and subtracting off of the canvas. 

Each abstract collection I create focuses on the emphasis of texture and limited color palette. Looking through these photos, I noticed how much I had subconsciously surrounded my studio with this blue, grey and teal color combination; from my new rugs to my shelves and paint carts. 

Even for such small pieces, the layers imposed upon these canvases are unending. They are a collection of dry and wet materials, fluid and heavy body paints-- even pastels, squeegees and spray bottles play a role. My hope is that each piece stands boldly on it's one once completed. 

To see more of these pieces completed or to make one your own, click the button below!