Group Exhibition at The Southern Gallery

"Get Well Soon"

The Southern curated a group exhibit of 5x7 works on paper, featuring over 60+ artists. The opening reception took place on Black Friday, and I was blown away by the diverse energy shown in such small paintings. The pieces were displayed side by side on small shelving that wrapped around the entire room, with so much detail and color to see. The purpose of the exhibition is to represent art as an important means of communication, encouraging collectors to purchase work that brings a sense of calm and happiness into their daily lives.

the southern-getwellsoon-srueterart.jpg

For my participation, I decided on a series of five pieces; each would be linked together in a series of motion. I wanted these works to represent the thought of overcoming a burden. Being strong enough to stand up again. The vibrant color choices of each piece set the tone for each woman's pose and what it represents. She starts out on the floor in fetal position, where her face is hidden away. Slowly, she begins to make her way to a seated position, then eventually stands. They are a representation of what it means to accept. To falter but regain your balance. "The Evolution of Self Love I-V"

The exhibit is open through December 31st, with so many beautiful pieces to see and purchase. The best part? They are all under $200 and can make wonderful gifts this holiday season!

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