Our culture today has become increasingly conscious of the human form; it's lines, shape, perfections and imperfections. We believe that we have the power to define beauty, we have objectified the female body. 

Through my figurative work, I aim to emphasize the diversity of the body-- manipulate the form in such a way that pushes you to consider "beauty" second. Create a sense of curiosity, imply a certain sentiment, form an interest in each woman's story. Each expressive figure embodies emotion, using a combination of both wet and dry mediums to create implied form. Light and shadow play a large role in these work; communicating a compelling sense of power, strength and liveliness. 

Much of my inspiration stems from the works of Matisse, while also acknowledging the fauvism movement; using color as nothing more than a form of expression. Its purpose in my work is to simply be. Create an individual response based on each viewers experiences. The flatness of the color draws attention to each female form, using expressive, bold brushstrokes and color to engage the imagination. Form opinions. Experience. 

Each modeled pose speaks its own language, challenging viewers to focus on the magnificence and complexity of the human form, rather than our society's perception of beauty.

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