Through my figurative work, I aim to represent the power of the female form. Pairing masculine disciplines, such as dark color palettes and heavy brushstrokes, with feminimity creates a sense of curiosity within the work. Light and shadow play a large role in these compositions; communicating a compelling sense of expression, strength and liveliness. I aim to change the narrative of feminism, where women are depicted as soft, fragile beings. Can we begin to represent the nude female differently in the twenty first century? 

My work touches on the concept of shame in terms of being a woman; a feeling instilled in us from the very beginning. Cover yourself. Be delicate. Aim to be what all men seek. Be soft spoken.

The female form is more significant than ever in terms of art history, but in a different light. As an a female artist, I believe I have a duty to symbolize this shift in perspective. One where women are seen as they should be; all-powerful and unapologetic. 

The figures depicted in my work are faceless in terms of identity. This is because it is not representative of one woman, but of many. She represents a million faces. She is every woman who has ever felt insecure, demeaned, undervalued, or objectified. It's time to change the narrative, one where all women are heard for their strengths, achievements, and greatest aspirations. Fragility and feminism are not one in the same.

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