Born and raised just north of New York City, I spent most of my childhood running around outdoors with my brother and sister. When I wasn't exploring, I was drawing. My dad is a very influential figure in my life, and some of my favorite memories consist of hiking, star gazing, and creating with him. I remember sitting at his large drawing board, around age four or five; wide-eyed and enchanted by the colorful paints, pencils, and tools. I would sit and watch for hours, amazed at every little move he made. Daily life with him was always about new knowledge and experimentation. We would be driving down a back country road and he would stop the car, looking up at the sunset, and say things like, "Sam, look at the lighting on those clouds. See how the colors mix and reflect? Try to imagine how you could recreate that as a painting."

He was always pushing me. Teaching me. Creating a deep sense of curiosity, lighting that spark and keeping my imagination flowing. It's difficult to remember a time when art wasn't a major part of my existence. It's how I learned to communicate. How I learned to express myself. How I learned to love. For me, art was love. 

Decades later, I completed my bachelors degree with a double major in both the Fine Arts and Education. For me, implementing a passion for the creative process into other's lives allows the gifts of interaction, interpretation, connection, and most importantly, reflection. After five years of being in the classroom, I (hesitantly) left my teaching career to begin painting full time. 

Working primarily with acrylics and mixed media, my work focuses on a figurative and expressive style. I enjoy using my creative voice to represent authenticity, femininity, and emotion. 

A B O U T   S A M A N T H A


Through my figurative work, I aim to represent the power of the female form. Pairing masculine disciplines, such as dark color palettes and heavy brushstrokes, with femininity, creates a sense of curiosity within the work. Light and shadow play a large role in these compositions; communicating a compelling sense of expression, strength, and liveliness. I aim to change the narrative of femininity, where women are depicted as soft, fragile beings. Can we begin to represent the nude female in such a way?

My work touches on the concept of shame in terms of being a woman; a feeling instilled in us from the very beginning. As a female artist, I believe I have a duty to symbolize this shift in perspective. One where women are seen as they should be; all-powerful and unapologetic. 

The figures depicted in my work are faceless in terms of identity. This is because it is not representative of one woman, but of many. She represents a million faces. She is every woman who has ever felt insecure, demeaned, undervalued, or objectified. It's time to change the narrative; to where all women are heard and seen for their strengths, achievements, and greatest aspirations. Fragility and feminism are not one in the same. 

A B O U T   T H E   W O R K



BFA Marywood University

Dual Major in Fine Art and Arts Education

Minor in Art History


Independent Artist Residency 

Concentration on the Human Figure

London, England










Destination Haus, Represented Artist

Gallery Vibe, Represented Artist

Art Crate Partnership 2017

Decor Aid Partnership 2016

Soho Myriad Partnership 2016

Makers Magazine Publication, 2016








"Nude Nite" Group Exhibition 2018

Tampa, Florida 

"Redux Contemporary Arts Center 15th Annual Auction", 2017

Charleston, South Carolina

"Holiday Show" Group Exhibition 2017

Corner Gallery Norfolk, Virgina 

"Get Well Soon" Group Exhibition 2017

The Southern, Charleston, South Carolina

First Friday Art Pop Up, 2017 Artist

Charleston, South Carolina

Celadon Home Anniversary Celebration, 2017 Artist

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston Fashion Week, 2016 Sponsored Artist

Charleston, South Carolina

"Art a la Carte" 2012-2014 Exhibition Series

The Hudson Valley, New York

"Senior Thesis" 2013 Group Exhibition 

Scranton, Pennsylvania 

"Creative Outlets" 2012 Group Exhibition

Scranton, Pennsylvania 

"Mind The Art" 2011 Group Exhibition 

Scranton, Pennsylvania 







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Charleston City Paper                                     Holy City Sinner

Creative Souls Summit                                   Decor Aid

Redux Contemporary Arts Center              Soho Myriad

Maker's Magazine                                            Charleston City Market

Celadon Home                                                   Maker's Movement

Lowcountry Live                                                Rising Tide Society

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Lexus Charleston Fashion Week                  Charleston Shop Curator