Samantha Rueter is a twenty-something year old artist creating in Charleston, south carolina

Born and raised in a small town north of New York City, Sam spent most of her early childhood days building forts in the woods and exploring her family's favorite hiking trails. Since she can remember, her father, who graduated with a BFA years before, was always creating the spark of curiosity and passion for the colorful world around her. 

Years later, Sam completed her bachelors degree with a double major in both the Fine Arts and Education. For her, implementing a passion for the creative process into other's lives allows the gifts of interaction, interpretation, connection, and most importantly, reflection. After five years of being in the classroom, Sam left her teaching career to begin creating full time.

Working primarily with acrylics and mixed media, her work focuses on a figurative and abstract style. Her style incorporates bold, expressive strokes inspired by movements of pop art, fauvism, and abstract expressionism. 


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